Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Favorite : Jesse's Girl Products

I was introduced to the brand Jesse's Girl by a girlfriend while we were getting ready for a night out at a concert.  I mean it was just one pigment pot and I was hooked. 

These are some of the products that I have purchased and loved!!!

Pure Eye Pigment Dusts:

Mardi Gras
Beautiful Electric Blue

Rouge Flambe
Incredibly Dimensional Cranberry... A lot of people are scared of using reds, but this pigment is too amazing not to use.

Sunlit Cactus
This color looks gold in this picture, but it's more of a citrus.  I've worn this pigment just by itself and have gotten lots of compliments because this one color is so dimensional.  It starts with the citrus yellow and the light shifts it to a shimmery orange color...Just Gorgeous.

Blackstar Blue
This color is much darker than represented in their photo.  It is a really dark black with navy tones to it.

Majestic Green
Great shimmery Shamrock Green

Hi Ho Silver
This color is more of a dull gun metal than a bright silver.  I love using this color for a classic smokey eye with the Blackstar Blue.

If you are looking for pigments that are similar to Makeup Forever pigments, but don't have the wallet for that, then these are your go to pigment dusts.... 
You can get them at Rite Aid for $3.99 a piece.

9 Pan Eye Shadow Palettes:

Before I came across the palettes I was looking into a lot of makeup history and one of the brands that I became fascinated was BIBA.
(If you don't know who or what BIBA is.... Then Google IT!!!)

A lot of the BIBA Makeup had a distinct look... with their muted colors...the palette colors had the look of rotted or bruised fruit.  Jesse's Girl Palettes were the closest dupes for these amazing colors that I was searching for.

Brown Eyed Girl 
Beautiful array of muted yellows, oranges, reds and browns.   This palette was perfect for the looks that I wanted to create with it.

The Eyes Have It
This is a great set of what I call Camouflage colors.  Blues, Greens and Browns...... 

Another Great thing about this product is that unlike other brands that charge $5 and up for Quads or Singles, you get 9 colors for $3.99 per palette.   You can't top that at all.

(I created with Jesse's Girl Products)

You can see the combination of all of the pigment pots used.  This was 3 hours of sitting there doing my makeup with precision brushes.  I even made the flower clips.

The look was created with just basic grease paint that you can get at any novelty or costume shop, paired with Coty Translucent Powder, making sure that you leave the eyes and the nose area clean before you add the black grease paint and pigments. Finish the eyes with some Ardell lashes... Makeup Magic.

Loving Jesse's Girl Cosmetics,

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