Sunday, December 7, 2014

Neal's Yard Remedies Review

A little over a month ago.... A friend of mine wanted me to try a skin care line that she was promoting not only for home use, but also for her spa.... She's a Licensed Esthetician aka Skin Therapist....
She sent me a link to the website and sent me a digital copy of the new catalog so that I could do the research on it.... and even came to visit me and my classmates in the Esthetics Program that I recently graduate from to tell us about the line....
It was really good timing for me because I was running out of my current skin regime products and needed new everything...  I like to stay more with the natural and more holistic skin care lines because so many of the products on our shelves, whether Prestige or Drug Store have so many added chemicals and harsh chemicals.....
The line is Neal's Yard Remedies....and they believe in SAFE Cosmetics.
*No Sythetic Fragrances
*No Silicones
*No Mineral Oils
*No Parabens
*No GM ingredients
*No Pthalates
*No Propelene Glycol
*No Animal Testing
*No Acrylates
*No Nano
I got pretty excited about the fact that this was the kind of line that I was looking for... with the ethics that I would love for all products on the market, but like all products I like to do the research....
So I bought a few of the Starter Kits...

The Award-Winning Skincare Kit
-Revitalizes -Replenishes -Recharges
*Wild Rose Beauty Balm- the one-pot skin savior: Cleanses, Exfoliates and Deeply Moisturizes
*White Tea Facial Mist: carry with you for refreshing bursts of antioxidant-rich moisture.
*Beauty Sleep Concentrate: moisturizes and fights lines and wrinkles as you sleep.
*White Tea Enriching Facial Mask: use weekly to help restore skin's moisture levels.

Age-Defying Skincare Kit:
-Helps to: -Rejuvenate -Tone -Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
*Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser: sweeps away grime and make-up while gently exfoliating.
*Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner: Removes last traces of cleanser and prepares skin to better absorb moisturizer.
*Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil: add a few drops before moisturizing for an extra deep moisture boost.
*Frankincense Hydrating Cream- moisturizes, firms and helps keep skin feeling soft and fresh.
Because I spent on the 2 kits I also got a Free Full Size Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture Moisturizer:
*Replenishes and rehydrates
*Lightweight and easily absorbed, skin drinks it in
*With ultra-moisturizing hyaluronic acid.
I've been using these products for over a month and I'm In LOVE:
I have a Combination/Dry skin and it can be a pain to fine the right products to take care of my skin ...  What I Loved is that I can mix and mingle the products to customize my regime to my needs...
Since I've been using these products on a regular basis my skin feels smoother, fine lines have slowly started to fade and I look forward to washing my face twice a day instead of being completely lazy about it....
I get to pamper myself every morning and at night....


The Biggest Stand Out Product that I got was the Wild Rose Beauty Balm:
I've decided it's my Holy Grail Product because it has so many uses:
*It has totally replaced my eye makeup remover
*It's an awesome cleanser
*It also works really well as a hydrating mask
*It even helps with chaffed skin.....
All in All: I Love Neal's Yard Remedies
Some other things to note about these products.... If you are used to synthetic fragrances in your products.... These are going to smell unfamiliar to you because they don't use synthetic fragrances ....they use essential oils in their products.... So it can take some getting used to....
You can only get these products in the US through a Neal's Yard Consultant... If you want to know more about these products or if you want to try any of these products you can go to:

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