Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Local Beauty Finds: Soapy Lane & Co. @ Sugar Magnolias

I'm a huge fan of supporting local and purchasing local products, especially if it's beauty.  I've been looking at these products since I spotted them at Bleeker Street a few years ago.  I went to Sugar Magnolias, which is a local French Market in town, about a month ago and saw these products again and finally decided to purchase them.

Soothing Moments 
Green Tea Sugar Scrub & Green Tea Shea Body Butter
* The sugar scrub is amazing.  I love how this product goes on smoothly and really buffs and smooths your skin and the scent is just a refreshing treat in the shower.
*  I like to use this 2-3 times a week.  
*You don't want to over exfoliate your skin because it's damaging and you don't want to use this on your face.
*TIP: I like to use this just to smooth the skin of my legs before I shave them.


* The body butter is just that, it has the consistency of a tub of butter. The scent of this product is just so fresh and clean and won't clash with any other scented products that you want to use.
 *I use this right after I take my shower,
* TIP: While your skin is still a little wet and warm apply this and it will go on smoothly. You don't want to let the skin dry before applying this product.... you want to apply it while your skin is still moist from the shower. 
*This is a very rich product!!!  If you have dry skin this is a product you might want to try.

             Green Tea Glycerin Soap

*I am a huge fan of bar soaps, especially glycerin soaps.  I feel that bar soaps last longer than regular shower gels and they usually have only a few ingredients vs. the ingredients that you would find in a lot of scented shower gels and there is less drying.
* Glycerin is a natural humectant,which means that  it attracts moisture to your skin.  So, if you have issues with dry skin glycerin soap is nice product for you to use.

* I love this product, again the Green Tea scent is just so refreshing.  My skin does not feel tight after using this product.  
*I just all around love this product and will definitely be purchasing this again.

(next to the Green Tea is the Goat's Milk Soap, which I will review later)

If you want to try these products.... or find out a little more about the other Handmade Goodies Soapy Lane has to offer...

Go to Sugar Magnolias French Market and Support Our Local Artists/Artisans/Small Businesses.



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